"The artist is the myth maker of our time." Joseph Campbell



Dreams  Visions  and  Journeys

"The artist hovers in the shadows of a restless creativity"


My early influences were Franz Marc with his expressive, richly symbolic and abstracted animal forms. Marc Chagall with his sur-real yet real expression of human existence  showed me the freedom of true expression in art. Still I had to find my own voice. I had to liberate myself from my classical training in art school mostly because the technique of copying reality was so easy and natural for me.

        Finding my own voice – my own path – became the voyage. I was driven to paint “because it proved to be the only outlet open to me, the only task worthy of my powers.” Painting was not an escape but a deeper plunge into . . . “a plunge to the source where the waters were constantly being renewed, where there was perpetual movement and stir.”

        To paraphrase Henry Miller the artist like the shaman lives between the upper and lower worlds. The artist takes the path in order eventually to become that path. Painting is a journey of discovery, “The adventure is a metaphysical one. I have found my own voice. I obey my own instincts and intuition. I’m in awe of the mystery. Understanding is not a piercing of the mystery, but an acceptance of it. A living blissfully with it, in it, through it and by it.”


Excerpts paraphrased from “Reflections on Writing” by Henry Miller from The Wisdom of the Heart.

Published in The Creative Process edited by Brewster Ghiselin


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