2012 Art and Exhibition

Ancient Wall by Thea Robertshaw, The word abrahadabra forming a triangle by omitting one letter on each line, wall is colorful, many cracks looking like lightening, script at bottom speak the blessing Ancient Wall, by Thea Robertshaw

Winner Thea Robertshaw!

First Place in show

Exhibit: "Lines, Marks & Graffiti" at Long Beach Arts

Juror: Gregorio Luke  known for his lectures on the great muralists of Mexico.

Home Gregorio Luke

In Gregorio's words about Thea's "Ancient Wall", "This is where poetry and art come together.." "The art goes beyond the personal, it becomes universal."  "It takes on a life of its' own."



Specific pieces can be shown by appointment only. Please call to set up an appointment.

"Day of the Dog: Dreams, Myths and Memories"

  Sunday, Apritl 15, until Friday, March 11, 2012

  Long Beach Arts

  5372 Long Beach Blvd (north of Del Amo and just                                                 below Market)


Day of the Dog Art Exhibition, 19 paintings that have dogs in them. Confrontation I & II, Magareta Priester, Transformation, Spirit Dog, Island Dog, Sorceress, Wolves i & II, Shadow at River's Edge I & II, Quetzacoatle

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