Recent Work

12 Paintings:The Phoenix, Spirit of She She, Abrahadabra 1, 2 Ancient Wall, and 3 Seal of Solomon, Grist for the Mill, Creekside, Mermaid, Canyon, Shadows at River's Edge 2, Amsterdam,Animal Power 3, The Mermaid, Canyon.

In 2009 I was asked to donate a painting to the Zimmer Children's Museum on Wilshire Blvd. Go to to see the exhibit. The theme of the show was language. My inspiration was the word Abracadabra. Later I learned that the word came from the Hebrew language meaning "Speak the Blessing or Sing the Blessing." I was inspired to produce two other paintings with the original word 'Abrahadabra.' I was invited again the following year for "The art of building" show at which time I donated "Grist For The Mill."

The two newest works on this slide show are both comissions :  "Mermaid" and "Canyon."