Thea Robertshaw is from Eindhoven, Holland. She immigrated to the USA  when she was 18 years old. She received her B.A. and M.A. in Drawing and Painting from California State University at Long Beach while raising three children and assisting her architect husband. With the help of her aunt 'Tante Rie' who immigrated from Holland in time to help Thea with her first child, Manon, Tante Rie became an integral part of the family. As a musician Thea inspired her children to play piano, violin and cello. In her fourth year as a pianist - music major, she suddenly changed to the visual arts. In the past she had taught herself watercolor, studying the work of Winslow Homer and Theo Kautzky. After graduating with her Masters in Drawing and Painting she continued her studies privately with Sam Clayburger of Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles.


Thea has taught at the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California.She was on the faculty at Long Beach City College for the past 26 years where she developed a course “Art and the Self,” Symbols, Myths, and Dreams. This course grew out of her work with dreams, her studies of Carl Jung, and the mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the world. Her work with Dreams, Art and Healing led her to shamanism. Thea has studied with anthropologists and shamans, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, and Angeles Arrien. She discovered that art, the spiritual, and healing are all part of the creative process. She lectures and gives workshops on this subject matter.


Thea Robertshaw’s paintings are in the permanent collection of British Petroleum Oil. Her work is in many private collections.


Thea has relocated to Medford, Oregon to be close to her son Canon and his family.