Shamanic Counseling


Shamanic counseling is a non-dependent method of spiritual counseling with the basic aim of providing an individual with answers to a person's own questions. The client develops into his/her own shamanic counselor and learns to respect both the shamanic technique and his/her own wisdom and insights. This is an experiential system involving the whole person, and extensively utilizes the power of both the mind's visionary and analytical faculties.


                                             Shamanic Healing


    Power Animal Retrieval,                                 Extraction Healing


                              and Soul Retrieval.


The aim is to regain lost energies.

In private sessions, classes and working individually one experiences these classic shamanic healing methods.

Individuals become more focused and productive in their own life.




"The return of shamanism is a recent phenomenon in holistic health approaches utilizing the mind to help healing and the maintenance of wellness. Shamanism embodies much of the ancients' knowledge, once widely known in tribal and folk practice. The shamans are the last ones to communicate with the animals."

                The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner

My Journey to Shamanism

My journey to shamanism starts with my ancestors.

I'll be telling my story over a period of time.

Please check back for each installment.